January 2019 Lunar Eclipse
Living in Vancouver, missing out on various celestial events such as meteor showers and blood moons are unfortunately normal for us. It really does rain for about seven or eight months of the year, and many other days/nights are at least partially cloudy. 
So when the stars align (both literally and figuratively) and the weather cooperates, we try to make the most of our opportunities. 
The last clear Lunar Eclipse took place in September 2015, when we were quite new to photography. it's safe to say that we were very much unprepared for the event. 
So this time around, we made sure to prep well in advance, and do as many compositions and composites as possible. 
In this gallery, you will see some single exposures of the moon in its various Eclipse stages, as well as some composites that we put together in Photoshop. 
For the composites, we took all the foreground photos the same night, during blue-hour. We had spotted a local golf course a few weeks back, and had kept the area in mind as a potential candidate for lone-tree foreground photographs. 
All the photos were taken in a span of 7 hours, and edited using Lightroom and Photoshop. 
Hope you enjoy the gallery! 
Our favourite photo of the night. Single Exposure of the moon as it was exiting full eclipse. 
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